Contact Us - and remember until BOTH you AND the law firm sign the written retainer, YOU (and not the law firm) ARE RESPONSIBLE for being sure all matters are filed in court (AND  with the correct government entities)  on time. If claims (like yours) are not filed in court on time, and with the proper government entities, then the court may dismiss them and you will recover nothing, no matter how much merit and worth your claim would have had if it were filed were filed on time. Please note that different type claims and different type defendants have different statutes of limitation. For example, in California, if a governmental entity (example: any state, county or city, many hospitals, highway patrol, Metrolink, MTA, etc) the initial statute of limitations is only 6 months from the happening of the event / incident. But every case/ claim is different and needs analysis. Other statutes of limitation are 1 or 2 or 3 years-- or some other period of time.

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