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On Dec 3, 2015 the U. S. Congress agreed on and passed the first major transportation bill in a decade... Congress passed HR 22, Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST ACT) by overwhelming bipartisan votes of 83 to 16 and 359 to 65 in the Senate and House respectively. The legislation is the first long-term surface transportation reauthorization in a decade and provides funding and policy changes for our nation’s highways, mass transit and rail systems.
This legislation includes:

- RAISING THE RAIL PASSENGER DAMAGE CAP FROM ITS 1997 $200 Million FOR ALL PASSENGERS, total, PER CRASH/ WRECK TO $295 Million AND indexes it to inflation . The $295 Million is the equivalent of $200 Million 1997 dollars.
- Tank car safety standards.
- The legislation makes substantial improvements in tank car standards by requiring that all new tank cars are equipped with one-half inch thermal blankets.
- All existing DOT-111 tank cars transporting flammable liquids are required to be upgraded to retrofit standards regardless of product shipped.
- Alerters.
- The legislation requires DOT to promulgate a rule requiring working alerters in the controlling locomotive of each commuter and intercity passenger train. FYI skeeters sound periodically requiring the locomotive engineer to respond in X time or the train stops.

Please encourage your representative to encourage the President to sign the bill into law.

Different versions were passed in each chamber -- but compromised and agreed to over several weeks in conference committee. Before that, for at least a decade, Congress could not agree — but merely band aided funding from Congress to Congress.

IN OTHER WORDS OUR NATIONAL ELECTED OFFICIALS CAN STILL AGREE-- if they just will try to agree and to compromise for the greater good of all!!!

The Pfiester firm has won huge cases vs Metrolink for decades: most recently $27 million for Chatsworth victims.  He was Appointed by the Court to lead all plaintiffs cases in the major Metrolink disasters as:

  • Lead Plaintiff Counsel for 2008 Chatsworth crash
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee leader / key deposition taker in Chatsworth (2008), Glendale (2005) and Placentia (2002) Metrolink crashes complex litigation cases

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